Average Costs Of A $30,000 Life Insurance Policy

Are you looking to purchase the least expensive $30,000 life insurance policy you can find? Understandably, cost and easy qualification are the primary requirements.

Before you get a quote and buy one of these policies, it's essential to research your options and understand the pros and cons of a low death benefit policy, like $30K.

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Is a $30,000 Policy The Best Option?

Opting for a lower minimum policy could potentially save you money, but it's important to consider how much coverage you will actually need. If a policy with a low death benefit is not going to provide enough coverage for your needs, then it may not be worth it.

To save money when buying life insurance, make sure to compare quotes from different companies to ensure you're getting the best deal. It's also important to read the fine print so you know what you're signing up for.

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Take your time to explore all of your options before you make a decision. Purchasing the right life insurance policy is an important step in protecting your family and ensuring their financial security.

"Act now and protect your family from financial difficulties by buying life insurance."

Do the people closest to you matter to you? Demonstrate your love for them and purchase life insurance coverage as soon as possible. Doing so could be a big help in securing their financial future. Take charge and act today to ensure their wellbeing. Life insurance can make a huge difference in your family's stability. Get insured and show your care for your loved ones.

Compare Your $30K Rates Now!

Example $30,000 whole life insurance rates for women at different ages:

Note: Term life will be a lot cheaper than whole life, so ask about it.

60 Year Old Female $101.06
61 Year Old Woman $106.77
62 Year Old Female $111.38
63 Year Old Woman $116.77
64 Year Old Female $121.66
65 Year Old Woman $127.38
66 Year Old Female $135.23
67 Year Old Woman $143.06
68 Year Old Female $150.98
69 Year Old Woman $159.04
70 Year Old Female $166.90
71 Year Old Female $176.46
72 Year Old Woman $183.76
73 Year Old Female $200.21
74 Year Old Woman $214.08
75 Year Old Female $228.86
76 Year Old Woman $247.71
77 Year Old Female $264.72
78 Year Old Woman $280.98
79 Year Old Female $292.76
80 Year Old Woman $313.68

05/19/2024 - These insurance premiums are just rough estimates. Your costs will most likely be different.

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Example $30,000 whole life insurance rates for men at different ages:

Note: Term life insurance will be a lot cheaper, so ask about it.

60 year old male $136.24
61 year old man $144.83
62 year old male $153.39
63 year old man $160.37
64 year old male $167.98
65 year old man $177.36
66 year old male $188.27
67 year old man $199.02
68 year old male $210.83
69 year old man $223.60
70 year old male $236.95
71 year old man $248.57
72 year old male $266.69
73 year old man $284.79
74 year old male $302.22
75 year old man $318.91
76 year old male $340.78
77 year old man $363.69
78 year old male $389.57
79 year old man $446.43
80 year old male  

05/19/2024 - These rates are just very rough estimates. Your premiums will most likely be different.

Do you require $30,000 in life insurance coverage?

It may appear like a great deal of cash, yet it probably won't be sufficient to cover your entire obligations or commitments.

A funeral service can be as high as $10,000, leaving you with just $20,000 for end-of-life costs, minor debts, and to supplant a lost salary.

End-of-life, or final, expenses could incorporate therapeutic or hospice care not secured by health coverage, and minor debts could incorporate buyer credit or liens that could be passed on to a mate or ward.

At last, the $20,000 would need to supplant any pay a mate would lose because of a decreased annuity or Social Security.

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