Average Cost Of A $20,000 Life Insurance Policy

Seniors usually get a $20,000 life insurance policy, or a similar low value, to pay for final expenses, like a burial and funeral, because the cost can be very affordable.

These policies are geared towards seniors and the elderly, and often can be purchased easily and cheaply, depending on a few factors like age, health, and lifestyle.

First thing you have to figure out, is if $20,000 is actually enough to leave your family to cover all your final expenses.

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I'm a Senior, What Are My Options?

For those seniors who are still young enough to qualify for term life insurance, it’s not always the ideal choice.

If you’re considering life insurance as a senior, you likely need coverage that will last your entire life, not just a few years. When it comes to senior term life insurance, the coverage is usually limited to a maximum of 15 years.

So if you outlive your policy, you’ll be right back at this same spot. The better option for senior life insurance is final expense insurance. This type of policy does not require a medical exam, and you can get approved with just one phone call.

"Take action now and safeguard your family from financial hardship by getting life insurance."

Obtaining life insurance coverage shows you care about the welfare of those closest to you. It represents an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your care and safeguard your family's prospects. Take charge and secure life insurance coverage now as it could significantly impact your family's financial stability.

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Example $20,000 life insurance rates for different age females:

60 Year Old Woman $63.16
61 Year Old Female $66.48
62 Year Old Woman $69.61
63 Year Old Female $72.95
64 Year Old Woman $76.29
65 Year Old Female $79.61
66 Year Old Woman $84.52
67 Year Old Female $89.41
68 Year Old Woman $94.31
69 Year Old Female $99.40
70 Year Old Woman $104.31
71 Year Old Female $110.29
72 Year Old Woman $114.85
73 Year Old Female $125.13
74 Year Old Woman $133.68
75 Year Old Female $143.04
76 Year Old Woman $154.82
77 Year Old Female $165.45
78 Year Old Woman $175.41
79 Year Old Female $185.46
80 Year Old Woman $195.60

05/08/2024 - These insurance premiums are just rough estimates. Your costs will most likely be different.

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Example $20,000 life insurance rates for a male:

The monthly premium below are for a male who is in good health and does not smoke.

60 year old man $85.15
61 year old male $90.52
62 year old man $95.87
63 year old male $100.23
64 year old man $104.99
65 year old male $110.85
66 year old man $117.67
67 year old male $124.39
68 year old man $131.77
69 year old male $139.75
70 year old man $147.47
71 year old male $155.96
72 year old man $166.43
73 year old male $177.49
74 year old man $188.39
75 year old male $198.72
76 year old man $212.99
77 year old male $227.31
78 year old man $243.48
79 year old male $258.39
80 year old man $279.02

05/08/2024 - These rates are just very rough estimates. Your premiums will most likely be different.

What steps can I take to reduce my life insurance premiums?

By incorporating some lifestyle changes, you can easily lower your life insurance rates.

For example:

  • If you're a smoker or a tobacco chewer, it's time to quit. Doing this will ensure you get much lower rates - up to four times lower!
  • If you're looking to further reduce your rates, then it's time to start shedding those extra pounds. Having an ideal BMI will definitely lower your rates.
  • If you tend to drink alcohol in excess, then it's time to start cutting down and limit yourself to just one or two drinks a day.
  • Finally, shop around and compare prices to get the best possible rates.

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