Can I Buy Life Insurance For My Elderly Mother?

Yes, you can buy life insurance for your elderly mother, but there are a few things you have to keep in mind.
The most important one is, your mother has to know about it and give her consent - you can't do it without her knowing about it and approving it.

Here are typical costs for a final expense insurance costs - a.k.a., burial insurance.

Typical Life Insurance Amounts For Elderly Mothers:

We are asked this so much, than it's better to get i out of the way immediately.

No, you cannot purchase life insurance for your mother without her consent and she signing for it.

So, it's better to do it before any potential dementia sets in and she can still give her consent.

Once you have you mother's consent, it's easy to get a policy as long as you show "insurable interest" to the underwriter.


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What Type Life Insurance Should I Choose?

You can usually choose a term life insurance policy or a permanent or whole policy.

With term insurance, your mom will be covered for the term of the policy. For example, if you choose a 10 year term policy, and your mother passes away during these ten years, you'll get a payout. If she dies after the term expires, you will not get anything.

With permanent insurance, on the other hand, the coverage lasts throughout the remainder of your mother's life. Permanent life insurance premiums are much higher and it's not as affordable as term insurance.

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How Much Life Insurance to Buy?

Before choosing a life insurance amount, you should figure out how much you will need.

Does your mother have any debts that will need to be paid off?
Does she have any savings that can be used towards final expenses and burial?

If you just need money to pay for funeral expenses, then a final expense life insurance plan may be a good choice.

Sometimes you may need a bigger amount if you have medical bills tp pay, etc.

That's why it's important to assess your and your mother's particular situation to arrive at the right amout of life insurance coverage.

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How Much Will Your Mother's Policy Cost?

The cost of insuring your elderly mother will depend a lot on her age and health status.

It's easy to understand why the older she is, the costlier life insurae will be, or you won't get as much coverage.

Also, if her healt is not the greatest, life insurance companies will not want to insure her, or they will offer a low-benefit policy like final expense life insurance.

Average cost of life insurance for your mother if she's over 60 years of age:

Mother's Age $5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000
60 Year Old Mother $18.04 $33.35 $48.19 $63.26
61 Year Old Woman $18.86 $34.86 $50.45 $66.69
62 Year Old Mother $19.43 $36.62 $53.21 $69.41
63 Year Old Woman $20.66 $38.15 $55.63 $72.85
64 Year Old Female $21.39 $39.65 $58.12 $76.49
65 Year Old Mother $22.21 $41.52 $60.61 $79.51
66 Year Old Woman $23.32 $43.87 $64.35 $84.42
67 Year Old Female $24.63 $46.22 $67.96 $89.51
68 Year Old Mother $25.85 $48.37 $71.53 $94.31
69 Year Old Woman $27.01 $51.82 $75.36 $99.66
70 Year Old Mother $28.42 $53.67 $79.84 $104.21
71 Year Old Female $29.85 $56.86 $83.63 $110.19
72 Year Old Woman $31.83 $59.04 $85.39 $113.87
73 Year Old Mother $33.29 $64.29 $94.56 $125.13
74 Year Old Mother $35.69 $68.56 $101.17 $133.49
75 Year Old Woman $37.81 $73.13 $108.19 $143.14
76 Year Old Mother $40.83 $79.03 $116.93 $154.82
77 Year Old Mother $43.36 $84.25 $124.92 $165.65
78 Year Old Mother $45.82 $89.22 $132.22 $175.61
79 Year Old Woman $48.21 $94.24 $139.91 $185.66
80 Year Old Mother $50.83 $99.61 $147.51 $195.45

Average life insurance prices for mothers as off 05/22/2024 - these are only examples, your rates will be different.

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