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China nike shoes cheap price unmatched


100+ recent Chinese nike shoes are cheap
The new product nike shoes designed with the concept of "Chinese elements" has long been nothing new in the shoe ring in recent years. However, compared with the previous long-term brewing, the recent update speed of  cheap nike shoes from china  is a short-term explosion! Not only is the style of the sale available, but the price is also rising, making people love it.

1.CLOT X Air Jordan 13 Low

In order to bring Chinese traditional culture to the world, the EDC, the leader of the national tide brand CLOT, designed the Chinese ancient element “Terracotta Warriors” and cooperated with Jordan Brand for the first time. It presented a playful game for domestic and foreign players. Air Jordan 13 Low color matching.

The suede material upper with dirty orange, khaki and light gray stitching represents the oxidized visual effect of the ancient artifacts; the lattice-shaped upper design is once again presented by the Terracotta Warriors armor. The threaded connection between the pieces is full of detail. At present, the price of this pair of "terracotta warriors" color in the domestic secondary market is about 4000+, which is twice as expensive as the classic AJ13 "Panda" color matching, showing how popular it is.

2.Staple x Nike SB Dunk Low

Nike's classic skateboarding shoes, Dunk SB, has re-emerged after co-branding with a number of trendy shoe stores. Popular new products "Green Purple Lobster" has not yet dissipated, a new pair of "Panda Pigeons" followed by the debut, 3200+ domestic price is even higher than the "Lobster" series!

cheap nike shoes from china

The shoes are made of classic black and white color, supplemented by the combination of bamboo and pigeons in the insole, which directly touches the "Panda theme" concept of Chinese designers, and is therefore called "Panda Pigeon" by domestic players. Color matching! In terms of details, the “inhibited resale” text printed on the upper of the upper is spoofed by SAMPLE, which caters to the trend of the moment; the stitching text silhouette of the crystal outsole is equally exciting.

3.Nike Air Flightposite 119 USD

Wholesale China nike shoes with low price. The "China Year" series created by NIKE this year has already started to meet players in the end of last year. But behind the shoes we are familiar with, there is also a pair of hidden Air Flightposite priced colors, which can be called the big Boss of the series, regardless of the rarity of the market price or the volume!

The shoes are made of colorful gradient tones, and the theme of the “clothing” is added to the foam upper. The visual effect is quite brilliant. At the same time, the logo of the tongue is decorated with the logo and the lining of the “Jihai”. The words are the design theme of the Lunar New Year, and the Chinese taste is full. It is worth noting that the “wind” word of the ancient script of the heel is the first time that the shoe adopts a design that caters to the domestic players.

4.Nike Air Max 98

Compared with the hidden style, the Air Max 98 Chinese color match has long been famous, becoming the most popular Chinese version of the Chinese New Year! The main reason for this is that it uses the same traditional Chinese New Year painting design as the “Tianjin Spray”, which is very rare and precious.

The three-layer design, from top to bottom, is the traditional Chinese New Year pattern, horsehair material and artificial snakeskin pattern, which is full of layers! In addition to the material, this color design is also very bold, at a glance can make people capture its existence. Undoubtedly, this pair of AM98 will be the only pair in this year's China series that can be used as a "wind one" and a higher color. At present, the domestic pre-sale price is 3200+, which is not cheap.

The world's largest shoe show, the price of Chinese cheap nike shoes is unmatched
2018 economic column directory
The world's largest footwear fair, the Düsseldorf International Footwear Fair came to an end on Sunday (September 21). More than 1,500 exhibitors from 48 countries participated in the exhibition, of which 282 were from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The fair attracted 40,000 professional visitors.


cheap nike shoes in Chinese making

The scale of participation in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan at the Düsseldorf International Footwear Fair has expanded year by year. This fall, a total of 282 Chinese exhibitors came to Düsseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, including 142 from mainland China, 83 from Hong Kong and 57 from Taiwan.

China is currently the largest shoe making base in the world. Last year, China’s footwear exports to Germany increased by 20%. Many international shoe factories have moved their production bases to China. However, brands in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are not well known in Europe. Therefore, Düsseldorf's shoe show provides a good opportunity for Chinese shoe factories to open up the European market. Lin Guojun, representative of the Hong Kong Trade Development Association in Germany, spoke about the significance of the Düsseldorf shoe show to Hong Kong exhibitors:

“They want to promote Hong Kong products through this exhibition, especially in new markets in Europe, such as in Eastern Europe and its European countries.”

Chinese exhibitors bring a full range of products. From hiking shoes to beach shoes that are especially popular this summer. However, casual shoes and sneakers account for a large proportion. This year's special fashion is brightly colored sneakers.

Most of China's nike shoes are low prices. The competitiveness of mainland China in this respect is unique. An exhibitor from China complained:

wholesale cheap nike china shoes
“The number of people from the beginning to the present is a little less than in the past. The main reason is that the price in mainland China is cheap and has an impact on us.”

A customer from South Africa said that the main reason for his choice of Chinese nike shoes is its low price. He said that the price of Chinese cheap nike shoes is unmatched, and the after-sales service of Chinese companies is also good. However, he warned of a pure price war:

“I know that the price of Chinese companies is as low as possible, but we cannot compete with China in this regard. This is very dangerous.”

Whether it is cheap slippers or strong leather shoes, China's scale at the international shoe show has steadily increased. In mainland China, which came to Düsseldorf this fall, companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan have increased by 30 more than in spring. A customer from Israel estimates that this trend will continue:

“The exhibition halls in China were very small five years ago. In recent years, the exhibition halls have been expanding. I think that in the future, China’s exhibition halls will be the biggest and most important, because we know that Chinese shoe factories hire Italian designers. The nike shoes produced in China are beautiful in appearance and quality."